Choosing to liquidate your surplus assets with HMR is a great way to extract maximum value from your surplus assets.

With our online liquidation platform you can sell excess inventory, returns or other liquidation inventory directly to a wide variety of trusted buyers. This drives better than average demand, higher pricing, and faster sales cycles.

Looking To Liquidate Now?

  • Significant excess or returned inventory or surplus assets?
  • Looking for quick ways to generate liquidity?
  • Need an easy way to dispose of assets or stock that is surplus to requirements?

Looking For A Tailored Solution?

  • Large enterprise with liquidation needs across the US, Asia, or Australia?
  • Looking for a strategic approach to liquidation in order to improve recovery and efficiency?

How It Works:

Get in touch with us to discuss your strategic liquidation needs. Listing your inventory or assets with HMR for liquidation is easy, just follow these steps.

Sign Up

Create your account in a few easy steps and gain access to our auction platform with thousands of registered buyers.


Add the items or inventory you’re looking to sell with us. We only need basic information to set up your listings.

Tailored Analysis

By sharing your inventory and surplus assets register with us, we can analyze the type of stock available in order to devise a tailored solution that meets your ongoing recovery and liquidity needs.

Selling & Shipping

Once everything is set up, we begin liquidating your inventory and assets. We are also happy to take care of all re-packaging and shipping services you might need in order to get your stock to the highest bidder.