About HMR

Our Story

Ever since its foundation as a company primarily dealing with the recovery of precious metals from their primal use, HMR has been developing expertise and competences in the re-utilization of surplus assets and excess inventory.
Over time, we have evolved into a business specialized primarily in reverse logistics and re-commerce.
From a single business, started in Australia over thirty years ago, HMR has evolved into an ecosystem of reverse supply chain logistics through multiple subsidiaries. In the effort to maximize the efficiency of our operations we have also built a solid portfolio of conventional business ventures similarly run following the circular economy philosophy.
The cohesive and sustainable management of our business portfolio is managed through a holding company, HMR Philippines Inc. HPI, giving direction, fostering growth and innovation while applying the guidelines of good corporate governance through environmental compliance and digital innovation.
Our established commercial network allows us to source products from leading global corporations, retailers, and manufacturers, refurbish them efficiently in house, and re-market them through our own channels in the Philippine market.