HMR Group
Your Global Partner for Responsible Sustainable Asset Management

HMR specializes in the purchasing of a wide variety of overstocked, catalogue returns or end-of-life items and recovering value through re-use or recycling.


HMR offers you the maximum return on your assets through re-marketing, thereby contributing to reducing your total cost of ownership.


HMR, through its own downstream partners and recycling processes, is committed to maximizing returns while handling all materials processed in an environmental and responsible manner.


Full Service Asset Management

The HMR Group is your outsourcing partner in assessing, purchasing, processing and recycling surplus IT and related equipment. This provides your organization with a full audit trail to meet requirements in compliance with environmental and government regulations.

We achieve this through our Recovery, Re-marketing and Recycling Services provided by our specialist subsidiaries.

The HMR Group is the only name you need to know when it comes to Full Service Asset Management. Entrust your assets to HMR and we will take care of the rest.

The HMR Group is proud to be associated with:

HMR Solutions, Inc. (HMRSI) is a versatile solutions integrator which can supply all voice and data requirements for both SMB and enterprise customers. HMRSI specializes in the installation of PABX and intercom systems for condominium projects, hotels and small and medium businesses.

We Buy, Sell & Trade

HMR Group is an international company engaged in a broad range of surplus Asset Management Services. These include identification, tracking, legal and environmental compliance, redeployment and recycling...

HMR is your recycler to full asset recovery and disposal provider. Our continuing goal is to achieve the most efficient re-use of all materials in order to minimize waste. This means you are assured your material is being handled in a manner reflecting the highest degree of compliance while maintaining preservation of our environment...

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