We help you manage your excess assets

Whether you have a few computers or a building full of equipment, we have the personnel, logistics and expertise to handle it all.

HMR specializes in purchasing a wide range of overstocked, catalogue returns or end of life items then reclaiming value through refurbishment, reuse or recycling.

A market leader in the remarketing trade

We have the best channels of distribution for managing your product. We achieve this through multi-layered solutions, including wholesale distribution, retail outlets, franchising and auction services. HMR offers you the maximum return on your assets through re-marketing, thereby contributing to reducing your total cost of ownership.

An end–of-life solution for your redundant equipment

HMR is committed to handling all processed materials economically and efficiently. Recycling helps to reduce the environmental impact of mining metals and production of plastics from their primary sources. Electronic waste contains hazardous elements including lead, mercury and cadmium. If not processed correctly these can finish up in landfill and leach out over time, affecting water supplies. Personal computers and in particular CRT monitors contain toxic and hazardous substances, including significant quantities of lead.

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Your solution for asset disposal, HMR Auctions provides services to local companies looking to liquidate assets, downsize operations, or to dispose surplus inventory. Furthermore, HMR comprises of another auctioning division, called Harringtons, which acts as its lifestyle brand focusing solely on luxury and high-end consigned items.

An Alternative Profit Creation Channel

Profit potential does not rely solely on the primary sales points but also exists in the secondary and tertiary channels. HMR Auctions acts as an alternative channel for profit creation of redundant assets, specializing in purchasing and auctioning of a wide range of end-of-life, overstocked or obsolete items.

One of the largest full-service auction & valuation providers in the country

  • Live auctions conducted 4x per week in Muntinlupa & Pampanga
  • Professional sealed bidding and negotiated sales

Industry Expertise

Since its inception, HMR Auctions has helped many corporations, as well as private clients, maximize the return on their investment.As the leading auction services provider, our experience encompasses the continuous re-sale of industrial capital equipment, real estate, vehicles, restaurant equipment, furniture, semi-conductor machinery, I.T. & Telecommunications equipment, and others.

Our Auction Centres

  • HMR Auction Services Inc.Dau, Pampanga Branch

    Address: ETASI Warehouse, Brgy.Duquit, Dau, Mabalacat,Pampanga
    Email: dau@hmrphils.com
    Tel No: (045) 286-9068
    Mobile:  0917-552-1795

  • HMR Auction Services Inc.Sucat, Muntinlupa Branch

    Address: East Service Rd.,South Superhighway, Sucat,Muntinlupa
    Email: auction@hmrphils.com
    Tel No: (02) 548-6952
    Mobile:  0917-548-3603

The HMR Purchasing Division is a reliable source of accurate evaluations. As partners in acquisition, HMR Auctions provides its clients with secure offers in asset valuations on all categories of functioning and non-functioning assets, including real estate, industrial equipment and plant machinery. With well-established distribution and redeployment outlets, we guarantee maximum returns on your assets.HMR Auctions believes that each client should receive the best return on investment. HMR appraises the value of each item to be disposed, recommending the best disposal outcome through professional asset valuation formula.

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Envirocycle Philippines, Inc.

Envirocycle Philippines, Inc. is the recycling arm of HMR Philippines Inc. It is capable of dismantling goods in compliance with all legal and environmental requirements, taking full responsibility for its clients’ electrical and electronic waste/IT disposal while assuring the maximum return on clients’ investments.

Envirocycle Logo


  • E-Waste Management
  • Assured Data & Equipment Destruction
  • On-site Scrap & Waste Management

  • Valuation/Outright Purchase
  • Refurbishing
  • Customized Asset Disposition Reporting

Envirocycle seeks ways to efficiently segregate scrap and waste into their appropriate streams, undertaking safe and effective mechanical processing or manual dismantling for all end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment. This involves the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for traditional and non-traditional waste. Envirocycle sanitizes and destroys Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) and other media storage devices along with their document threads and produces a certificate of “Assured Destruction.”

Data Security & Environmental Risk

The improper disposal and failure to erase recordable data can lead to potential problems concerning data security and environmental claims. Envirocycle supports the trend of Customer Service Responsibility (CSR) through the power disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) without causing harm to the environment. By doing so, it ensures complete compliance with government regulations and corporate governance on environmental issues.

Custom-Built Storage

If clients prefer to hold on to their physical records, store excess office equipment or inventory, Envirocycle provides dedicated custom-built storage. Clients can have their own secured facility for almost anything in an affordable and safe storage environment. We provide the space for modular cages, pallet racking or shelving, as well as materials control and logistic systems. For added security, we can install remotely viewable security camera monitoring system.


  •  ISO 14001 Certified
  •  Environmental ComplianceCertificate (ECCR-4A-1208-0278)
  •  DENR Accredited Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (TR-4A-34-0012)
  •  DENR Registered Hazardous WasteTransporter (TR-4A-34-0030)
  •  DENR Permit to Operate ESI (POA)-0434-409)
  •  PEZA Registered Scrap Buyer (130131179)
  •  LLDA Clearance (PC-19a-012-00541)
  •  LLDA Discharge Permit(DP-19a-013-00946)
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Smart Electronics & Power Generation

HMR started producing it's own patented products within Asia with goods ranging from electronics like SMART televisions and portable speakers to larger industrial equipment including air conditioners and generators. These new brands complementing our product mix give value and enhance the shopping experience of our customers. With this brand management, there is a new emphasis in the retail division, heralding the opportunity to diversify & grow along with our customers’ requirements.

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Available Positions

Are you looking for a good investment opportunity? As the HMR Group is continuously growing, we are constantly looking for expansion partners around the world, offering solutions to meet government and internal compliance policies as well as becoming the industry leader in the evolution of the electronic waste industry. Whether it be through Asset Life Cycle Management Services, Asset-Processing Services or Asset Retail Services, each HMR Group company is run by a competent manager or CEO, supported by a team of experienced supervisors and skilled employees. Contact us now for a detailed presentation.

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In order to offer world-wide service solutions, HMR is open to logistics and trading partners globally. We offer a proven formula for responsible and professional asset recovery and disposition services to clients with national or international operations. Contact us for more information.

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If you would like to receive a no-obligation assessment of your surplus asset program, give us a call. We show you ways of adding value, increasing data security, gaining compliance with government and company policies while supplying a comprehensive audit trail for management.

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The HMR Trading Post is the B2B arm of HMR Philippines, providing a diverse range of volume product to re-sellers or commercial users. HMR specialises in opportunity buying from trusted suppliers worldwide. With over 28 years in the surplus industry, HMR's Trading Post is the resource for dealers to buy or sell. Contact a Sales Executive today to find out more.

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